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Shipping Terms

Shipping Method: When you call in orders, your bands are shipped via FED EX Ground or Common Carrier, which ever cost is lower. The actual cost of such shipping is then added to your order. We offer to pay ½ freight on orders of 500-999-ls and provide full freight on orders of 1,000-lbs or greater.

Shipping Charges: For on-line orders of 25 to 299-lbs a flat rate of 40 cents per pound is added for freight to any location in the 48 Continental USA. Subject to the limitations to remote areas noted below. For on-line orders of amounts of 300 to 499lbs an extra 20 cents per pound is added after allowing for the 40 cents per pound on the initial 299-lbs.

We offer to pay ½ freight on orders of 500-999-ls and provide full freight on orders of 1,000-lbs. To assure you receive the maximum discount we rstrongly ecommend larger orders to be called into 1-855-54.BANDS.

If you choose to order do 500-999 lbs on-line a straight flat rate of 30 cents is added for the initial 500-lbs and 15 cents is added for each pound over 500-lbs. This rate is used to reflect the general effect of offering ½ freight for orders of 500-999-lbs as noted above. No freight is charged for on-line orders of 1,000-lbs or greater. .Note: If you do not claim the ½ discount discount on shipping by calling in at the time of your order no adjustments will be made once the shipment has been completed.

We do, however, reserve the right to cancel orders to remote locations where shipping costs are excessive. We can ship rubber bands to Remote USA locations such as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, USA Territories, as well as Canada and other foreign countries. However, such orders require higher shipping cost and must be processed outside the on-line shopping cart.

To place such orders call 1-855-54-BANDS or write an inquiry through our “Contact Us” page. We will calculate your shipping and inform you of the cost. If you agree to the higher shipping expense this will be added to our on-line product price rates and we will process your order at our home office.

Shipping on your Account: Per your request, orders can ship on your account number for FED EX, UPS or Common Carrier. To do this, just call in this information as part of the order or clearly mark it on your Purchase Order.

Orders less than full cartons. Our policy is to allow orders subject to a 5-lb minimum requirement. Such orders are much more costly to ship and often to keep shipping reasonable US Priority mail is utilized as the most effective option.

For on-line orders below 25-lbs we charge a fee of $9.00 for the first pound and 65 cents for each additional pound up to 10-lbs and 40 cents for each additional from 11 to 24-lbs. So, for example, a freight cost of $11.60 is charged for a 5-lb order, $15.50 is charged for a 10-lb order and $17.50 is charged for a 15-lb order.